About Panorama

Panorama is the leading Israeli Arab weekly newspaper, providing objective reporting relevant to the Israeli Arab community. Established in 1986, Panorama is headquartered in Taybe, about 30 minutes from Tel Aviv.

Editor, publisher and owner, Frida Jabar-Brandi  and Basam Jabar are leading opinion makers in the Israeli Arab scene, promoting co-existence and just peace between Arabs and Jews, on the basis of two states for two peoples.

Panorama is printed in large-format of 38cm/26cm and comprises 120-128 pages, mostly color. The newspaper is financed by advertisements, and 35,000 weekly copies are distributed nationally at a price of 4 N.I.S.

The newspaper is made up of three parts;

News – articles on political, social and economic issues

Supplement – editorials on youth, women’s interests, art, radio, television and sport. Sport includes extensive coverage on national and international soccer.

Automobile – an exclusive supplement comprising extensive content on vehicles, recommendations

Panorama’s exclusive online outlet is www.panet.co.il  - a leading news and general content website serving the young adult Israeli Arab community.  The site offers local and international news, culture (art, music, television, cinema, radio), consumer, sport, astrology and weather forecasts.


Tel: +972-9-7993993

Fax: +972-9-7991285

Email: panet@panet.co.il