Panet Profile

Panet is a leading news and general content website serving the young adult Israeli Arab community.  The site offers local and international news, culture (art, music, television, cinema, radio), business, consumer, sport, entertainment, comedy, technology, lifestyle, health, astrology and weather forecasts.

Panet is the exclusive online outlet for Panorama, the leading national Israeli Arab weekly newspaper, and offers online surveys, interactive games, video an d music hit lists and an archive.

Panet Traffic

Panet was established in 2002 and steadily grew to establish a wide user base from within the Israeli Arab community. To date there are 1,400,000 visitors a day, of whom 750,000 are from within Israel. According to Google Trends, Panet is one of the leading news sites in Israel, together with Ynet and Walla.  A TGI survey  indicated that over 86% of Israeli Arab internet users browse the Panet site.

Target Audience

Panet’s primary target audience is Israeli Arabs in the 15-45 year age range, mid to high education levels, drive for cosmopolitan lifestyle with a need for information, news and content about the Arab sector. This target audience includes women, pupils, students, academics and professionals.

Sport Section

Panet’s Sport Section provides coverage primarily on Israeli soccer, as well as any sporting activities by Israeli Arabs.

User Segmentation by Age

10-18        25%

19-25        40%

26-35        20%

Over 35    10%

User Segmentation by age and  gender

Until 18    65% male

19-25        60% female

26-35        65% male

Over 35    75% male